In the last decade, cyber security has risen rapidly on policy agendas; at DAKA advisory, we have long predicted its importance given the rise in ICT usage and dependability. In 2002, our co-founder assessed “Cyber Terrorism and the U.S. Response,” followed in 2005 with an analysis of “Internet Soft Power and the Middle East,” both of which preceded high profile leaks of sensitive intelligence information and the use of social media in popular uprisings by several years. We continue the tradition today with insightful analysis of current events and emerging trends. We help organizations understand the cyber security landscape from a policy perspective, both in specific countries but also globally.

Examples of our recent work in this area:

  • Published a white paper on “Meeting the cyber security challenge in Indonesia: An analysis of threats and responses,” which analyzes the state of cyber security preparedness and potential consequences of cyber threats on Indonesia’s economy, and provided suggestions to build potential preventative policy measures
  • Wrote an internal strategic report on “The rise of cyber security as a geopolitical issue,” which describes its impact on Asia and the associated business opportunities
  • Chaired the High Level Dialogue on “Securing Cyberspace in a borderless world: Vision 2015 and Beyond” at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) in Geneva, Switzerland, with panelists such as Dr. Hamadoun Toure, Secretary General of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU)