UN e-government survey 2012The client: United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UNDESA)

Project: 2012 global e-government survey

Scope: Before the United Nations 2012 global e-government survey (pictured), DAKA advisory prepared a background paper on global e-government developments to a group of experts who met in New York during an invitation-only Expert Group Meeting. DAKA advisory presented the findings at the meeting and facilitated discussions during the two-day event.

See background paper prepared by DAKA advisory here (PDF).

Taking the views of experts into account, the UN finalized a survey questionnaire for implementation. In this endeavor, DAKA advisory traveled with the UN to Cornell University in the United States to provide training to researchers and to support data collection. After the information was compiled, DAKA advisory helped in assessing the initial set of results and worked with the UN to evaluate the data, followed by a second review. After publication of the United Nations 2012 global e-government survey, DAKA advisory promoted it at various events and sent the report to its proprietary list of contacts around the world.