Information is key to decision-making and we are aware of the challenges posed by selecting appropriate data to gain insights. We collect a wide range of ICT data and undertake custom research across various areas, including online research, market research, benchmarking, and strategic research. At DAKA advisory we gather, balance and analyze expert insights together with hard data and the views of people on the ground. We use qualitative and quantitative indicators globally, and provide deeper insights into emerging markets in Latin America and South East Asia.

Examples of our recent work in this area:

  • Conducted research for a private company on cyber security indicators in 20 countries around the world, both qualitative and quantitative, in order to create an index of preparedness
  • Conducted research on cyber security policies for an international agency in order to assess the current landscape and make recommendations for improvement
  • Conducted on the ground research in South East Asia for a private company to determine local conditions and the associated business opportunities