For a long time, the digital divide was tracked simply through access rates to a PC or to the Internet. Today policy-makers and executives alike realize that there are numerous divides that must be bridged in order to provide better services to constituents and reach new customers. DAKA advisory uses its overall e-government expertise to help clients close these gaps and assess areas that require further consideration, such as “useful usage,” which analyzes what people actually do with their access.

Examples of our recent work in this area:

  • Authored a report on “Smart policies to close the digital divide,” which identifies six key lessons for policy-makers on how to close the gap, based on a wide range of interviews with experts
  • Participated in an invitation-only Expert Group Meeting on “Governance, Public Administration and Information & Communication Technologies for Post 2015 Development” as part of the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) High Level Segment Meetings
  • Co-authored a peer-reviewed article on “Evolving e-government benchmarking to better cover technology development and emerging societal needs,” which explains today’s measurement challenges